I was reviewing my images from India again today and wanted to thank you for another outstanding photo workshop experience.  I have had the opportunity to travel with a couple other photo workshop leaders, but I can honestly say that no other photo workshop vendor can even come close to the value and experience your PAW provides.    To date, I have traveled to Alaska 3 times, Africa 2 times, Iceland 3 times, India and Yellowstone with PAW.   When included, the airfare is an untouchable price.  The hotels and food are always tested, proven, well located and very comfortable.  The local guides at international locations have been simply outstanding, entertaining and a wealth of local knowledge.   Last, but not least, the venues you offer are world class.  I really don't even look at offerings from other vendors.  You have established such a high standard and expectation for your trips that the risk of disappointment is so great that it is simply not worth the effort to explore other options. So, I have my images posted, memory cards all cleaned and formatted, batteries are charged...when/where are we going next!!

-Harold Klein from Canby, OR


You will learn more in six hours with Christopher than six years online.

-Ken W. from Rexburg, ID


I have a four-year degree in Art/Photography. I just learned more with you in six hours than I did in four years in college.

-Janet R. Bozeman, MT


You have to take a "one on one" with Christopher. It will change your photography overnight and shorten your learning curve by years.

-Sharon B. from Ogden, UT


By far the most knowledgeable, friendly, and honest business I have come across in a very long time.

-Evening Light Photography


You can not beat the customer service that you receive here. The level of knowledge that pours out of them is amazing!

-Heather Johnston from Pocatello, ID


5 Stars to an owner who treats his shop like it's his baby.

-Melissa Smits


Christopher cut my editing time by 90% in one class! I now master my camera, not a computer.

-Rick Tyson from Idaho Falls, ID


I have been on two Africa Workshops with Christopher. You need to experience this adventure at least once in your lifetime with Christopher.

-Craig Tinkham Africa 2014-2015/Iceland 2014/Yellowstone 2014 from Pocatello, ID


Every time I'm feeling creative and before I go out I call Christopher and make sure I know exactly how to get that shot that I'm thinking of doing.

-Drew Jorde from Idaho Falls, ID


Exact same prices as B&H. Amazing Service. Best classes I have ever taken. You have me for life!

-Terry Canton