Intermediate/Advanced DSLR Class

Are You Ready To Go To The Next Level With Your Photography Skills? If You Are Fairly Comfortable With The Exposure Triangle But Still Not Getting The Images You Desire, It’s Time To Join Christopher For His Hands On Intermediate/Advanced Photography Course!

Class Dates:

November 20&21, 7-9pm SOLD OUT
February 24 10am-4pm SOLD OUT
April 28  10am-4pm BOOKING NOW

We fill these classes one to two months in advance. Call our store today to save your place. (208) 523-6789

Intermediate/Advanced DSLR Class Overview

Exposure triangle re-cap

Reading and understanding your histogram

Advanced metering techniques

Exposure compensation do’s and don’ts

How to set a custom white balance Understanding

TTL flash techniques in both Manual and Aperture priority modes

Outdoor portraiture on bright sunny days with a speedlite

Off camera flash techniques

How to completely control ambient light with your flash

Product and commercial lighting techniques using one flash and so much more!