Beginner/Intermediate DSLR

Beginner/Intermediate DSLR

As class dates are very limited in 2017, there will be no refunds or rescheduling of missed classes. Classes are to be paid for upon registration to confirm placement in class. If students have a conflict in their schedule with the course they signed up for they need to reschedule at least 1 week prior to credit their payment towards another date.

Due to Christopher’s schedule, class dates may be adjusted on short notice. You will be notified of the change and given the opportunity to choose from other dates available or receive a refund.

Class Dates:

November 28 & 29 7pm-9:30pm FULL
January 9 & 10 7pm-9:30pm BOOKING NOW
January 13 10am-4pm BOOKING NOW
February 20 & 21 7pm-9:30pm BOOKING NOW
March 3  10am - 4pm BOOKING NOW
March 13 & 14 7pm-9:30pm BOOKING NOW
March 27 & 28 7pm-9:30pm BOOKING NOW
March 31 10am - 4pm BOOKING NOW
April 24 & 25  7pm-9:30pm BOOKING NOW
April 24 & 25 7pm-9:30pm BOOKING NOW


We fill these classes one to two months in advance. Call our store today to save your place. (208) 523-6789



Beginner/Intermediate DSLR Class Overview

#1 Get you out of AUTO mode ASAP

How to care for your DSLR

Importance of and how to color correct your monitor

What is a RAW file and why should we be using them (detailed explanation)

How to convert your RAW files

Exposure Triangle ISO, Shutter Speed and Apertures/F-stops

How to read light and expose correctly for the scene Manual, Aperture and shutter priority modes (when and how to use each)

How to control white balance in the camera

How to maximize color straight from your camera

Focus modes when and how to use them for maximum sharpness

Flash techniques (Why is it so important to use a flash on a bright sunny day??)

Composition techniques to take award winning photos

When, where and how to print your images

Numerous other great tips and tricks from Christopher